Australia is currently facing the most destructive bushfires the country has ever seen. Authorities and witnesses have likened the damage and evacuation measures to a war zone as fires burn through areas larger than some small European countries.



  • 16 people dead, one missing
  • More than 140 bushfires burning
  • 3.6 million hectares burned, greater than the size of Belgium
  • 1365 homes confirmed destroyed


  • Two people dead, 28 missing
  • About 50 bushfires burning
  • More than 780,000 hectares burned
  • 68 structures confirmed destroyed but this number is expected to rise significantly


  • One person dead
  • About 17 bushfires burning, four of significance
  • More than 100,000 hectares burned
  • 88 homes confirmed destroyed


  • About 33 bushfires burning
  • 250,000 hectares burned
  • 45 homes confirmed destroyed


  • More than 35 bushfires burning, two of significance
  • 1.5 million hectares burned
  • One home confirmed destroyed


  • More than 23 bushfires burning, two of significance
  • 8000 hectares burned
  • Two homes confirmed destroyed


  • Five bushfires burning
  • Five homes confirmed destroyed

There is so many ways you help donate back to the communities that have been affected. Here’s how you can help.

Red Cross

Cash donations can be made to them via their Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

St Vincent de Paul Society

During its bushfire appeal, Vinnies only accepts cash donations. The charity is currently running appeals for NSW, Queensland and South Australian bushfire and drought victims.

Salvation Army

Like many organisations, The Salvation Army are also asking for cash donations. This allows them to meet the need as it emerges.


Victoria’s Country Fire Authority and the NSW Rural Fire Service are running their own donations for those wanting to support the firefighters. They are accepting cash donations only.


Cash donations are preferable, but the organisation is also accepting good quality tinned food (with ring pull), UHT milk, and items that are easy to “grab and go” like muesli bars, cereals, biscuits and pantry staples.

Foodbank also accepts pet food and personal hygiene products.

Do not donate clothes, razors, medicine, alcohol, clothes or bedding. Drop off between 10am-5pm on the weekend, and between 9am-5pm during the week.

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