On December 31st every year we tell ourselves next year is going to be the one, the ‘new year, new me’ resolution. Suddenly your Gym is a lot busier than it was a week ago with everyone on the generic get fit campaign. Pictures of Kale & Avocado salads litter your Instagram feed and Facebook memories won’t let you forget the previous 10 years of ‘This is the year’ status updates you made. Reality is we shouldn’t have to wait until the clock strikes midnight to make changes in our lives. The key word being ‘changes’ and not ‘resolutions’.

‘Make changes not resolutions’

In 2017 I didn’t make resolutions, I made changes. Personally I feel resolutions are a quick fix like ‘eating clean’ for a few weeks and then having a Big Mac meal. It’s just not realistic, but making changes is. Making small positive ones over time will help you reach your goals and has a knock on effect towards the rest of your life and how you look at it.

Here is a few things I learnt in 2017 by doing just that.


My life has become so much better now that I am no longer trying to ‘fit in’ and it can be hard to break that habit. Stop changing who you are to fit in, your interests, your style, your morals, your personality. Find a real group of friends who love you for you and don’t criticize. The real you is better than any impostor could ever be, so embrace it. Self-love is everything.


I made some major changes in 2017 and it was terrifying. I am someone who works best on routine and when that was broken, it took a long time for me to ‘go with the flow’. Changing jobs was very challenging as the job I did have was my life. I lived it, I breathed it, I dreamt it and I had absolutely no work/life balance, which is why I had to walk away.   Finding a new job, learning a new field and getting that balance back in my life has given me a bright outlook on the future and taught me that everyone has a choice and you do have the ability to do anything you have your mind-set on.

The other major change I made was deciding to temporarily move out of my apartment for 12 months, live in a new suburb and with a housemate for the first time in nearly a decade. Living on your own for 9 years to suddenly sharing a space with someone is HARD, it’s really hard. Let’s just say compromise is a word I had to Google. It’s a change I still can’t 100% say was a good or bad choice, but I do know its taken me out of my comfort zone and in a way that’s exactly why I did it.


Let me tell you a secret, the way you wanted your life to be when you were 10 years old probably isn’t going to happen and that’s OK. When I turned 30 I thought I had to have everything in my life sorted and planned. The house, money in the bank, dream job etc, but that just isn’t reality, that’s simply society making you believe you should. We are constantly growing, the world is constantly changing and how things were in 1985 is not how they are in 2017. If you have a great family, great friends, can afford to pay the bills and have fun on the side then you are doing amazing.




I say STILL because this is one of my life mottos and it will never change. In 2017 I traveled to LA, went to the UK to explore London, Newcastle, Liverpool & Windsor and had an incredible family holiday in Malta. I also ventured to Sydney a few times and took myself on a last-minute trip to Adelaide (I woke up one morning, checked where the sun was and went to the airport). It’s a big world out there and it needs to be seen.


I am so lucky to have an amazing group of friends, and spending weekends away playing Cards of Humanity drinking Aperol Spritz beats sitting in a loud and overcrowded nightclub any day. Does that make me sound really old?



If you had told me 12 months ago I would have learnt how to Snowboard, I would have laughed in your face. As a kid I could barely stand up on a skateboard without falling off within seconds, so getting on the slopes wasn’t easy. But I wanted to achieve this during winter and I am now obsessed and actually quite good. I found no better feeling than sliding down a mountain with the most incredible views and feeling like you are floating down a cloud. What I learnt is you have to fall a good 100 or so times and beer really helps.

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