L.A has a vast amount of different dining experiences, and it being so spread out can mean that it’s hard to find them or know exactly where to go.

During my travels in La La Land I found some fantastic cafes, coffee shops and Instagram worthy places you need to try when you are here.



There is a big chance you are familiar with Alfred’s already, even if you have never heard of it. Does ‘But First Coffee…’ ring any bells? Yes, the famous quote on everyones Pintrest wall started right here.

In a land consumed of Starbucks, its great to find a dedicated Coffee shop that actually knows how to make Coffee, real Coffee. Stump town is the beans of choice, with nitro cold brew and Kombucha tea available on tap. They also have a partnership with Pressed Juicery meaning most of their Juices are available and made fresh daily.

There are a number of Alfred’s scattered throughout L.A, but my location recommendation is in Silverlake. Its right on Sunset Blvd and is another terrific spot to people watch.

3337 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles


If you want some seriously delicious Instagram-worthy food with a side of a celebrity sighting, this Mid-Wilshire cafe is the place for you. Over the years it’s been featured on TV Shows like The Hills, Entourage & Rachel Zoe, and any L.A YouTuber has vlogged here at least once or twice.

The menu offers pastries, salads, soups, as well as a great selection to keep someone with a sweet tooth happy.  I would recommend the multi grain pancakes with fresh berries, enough to keep anyone going for the rest of the day.

8221 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles



I have such a soft spot for this place; it was so close to my hotel that coming here became a routine to start my day.

If you are looking for the complete American diner experience, big portion sizes topped with a Hollywood museum on the side, then look no further. There are 8 locations of Mel’s Drive-In throughout L.A and outer California, but the one in Hollywood is arguably the most well known.

What I loved about Mel’s the most is the staff, always greeting you with a warm welcome. I will never forget one waiter saying to me “I’m happy, I’m here, I’m alive”.

1660 N Highland Ave, Hollywood


Anyone for Ice Cream?

This is another place you may have come across on some of your favorite reality TV shows. Milk (or The Milk Shop) churns out fresh batches of all your favorite flavors of Ice Cream daily. Cookies, Brownies, Cup Cakes, you only have to look at their Instagram feed to wish you could eat everything directly from the screen of your iPhone.

Another place with a number of locations, the one on Beverly Blvd offers free parking to customers, which in L.A, is a winning factor.

Top Ice Cream of choice for me is the Blueberry Apple Crumble or Coconut! I’m drooling just thinking about it…..

7290 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles



Forget In-N-Out, forget Shake Shack, if you are after a heart attack in a burger, Fat Sal’s is your man. The name says it all surely?

How does a burger with a full plate size portion of bacon and eggs, inside a cheese steak with chicken fingers, fries and mozzarella sticks sound? Famously known as the Fat Jerry burger.

With a burger like the above, you can see what type of food is on offer. Big hearty burgers that would make Ronald McDonald run and hide. If the Fat Jerry wasn’t big enough, for $50 you can get yourself the Big Fat Fatty (Yep!) that consists of cheesesteak, pastrami, chicken fingers, a entire cheeseburger, bacon, mozzarella sticks, jalapeño poppers, marinara sauce and more ingredients not listed. If you are lucky, after eating it they may even pay for your hospital charges.

1300 Highland Avenue, Hollywood





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